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Student Success and Tutoring Center Online Resource Center: Home

The SSTC Online Resource Center provides a variety of online resources to help you as an online student or on-campus student to be successful in your classes at HGTC. It is available 24/7. Contact us if you have questions: or 843-349-7872.

What online and in-person services does the SSTC offer?

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Welcome to the SSTC Online Resource Center!

Here you'll find recommended 24/7 resources to assist you with your academic study in your classes, including on-demand workshops and other academic success topics.

Under the HOME Tab, be sure to find the subpages under the drop-down menu for:


Make an on-campus Coaching appointment today!

Are you struggling with a class, writing a paper or just managing your time? Come into one of our three locations for some academic and Writing Center coaching assistance! Just log onto TutorTrac, located in the Student Services tab of your WaveNet account to make an appointment or contact us:

Conway Campus SSTC 349-7872
Grand Strand Campus SSTC 477-2113
Georgetown Campus SSTC 520-1455

Please read and follow the attached instructions document posted below to start using TutorTrac.

What online and in-person services do we offer?

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