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COMPASS/ASSET Test Prep Resources: COMPASS/ASSET Test Prep Resources

What is the Placement Test?

Before taking the COMPASS, or ASSET, Placement Test, you are required to attend The Start Right Experience. The Start Right Experience is offered to help you learn more about the Placement Test and how to prepare for this test. It is offered in the following capacity in your Student Information Center: WaveNet Central and online at

After participating, you are cleared to begin preparing for the Placement Test using the resources to the right, and then schedule and take the COMPASS. In the admissions office area, your New Student Enrollment Advisor uses your COMPASS Placement test scores to help place you in appropriate courses. Should you wish to re-take the COMPASS after testing into MAT 032, MAT 155, ENG032, or ENG 100, please ask your Advisor or WNC staff about the Placement Test Independent Study Program.

SSTC Online Resource Center-Additional Academic Learning Tools

If you would like additional resources than what is provided on this page, please use the SSTC Online Resources for more online tools!

The Student Information Center: WaveNet Central Info Box

COMPASS/ASSET Placement Prep - Resource Links

As mentioned in The Start Right Experience, use the resources below to help you study and review for the COMPASS or ASSET Placement Test. 

Please connect with a specialist in the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central if you have any questions about using these sites, chat with us using the ASK US tab, or call 843-349-5182 with questions.

Other Free Web Studying Resources

Use the following resources below to brush up on your math and English.

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