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iPads: iPad Lending

Basic Information

  • There is no cost to students to check out an iPad. This is a FREE service.
  • iPads may be checked out for 3 days with no renewals.
  • Take care of your iPad, as you are financially responsible for any loss or damage.
  • All students must present a student ID and a valid driver’s license (or government issued ID along with proof of local residency) when checking out an iPad. You will also be asked to login to WaveNet to show your current class schedule.
  • iPads must be checked out or returned at least 30 minutes before the library closes, and they cannot be returned in the bookdrops.
  • The App Store has been disabled on library iPads, so you cannot make app purchases.
  • The iPads, however, come pre-loaded with dozens of apps that we think you will find useful. Ask at the Library Circulation Desk which apps are on each iPad.
  • See the full policy in the center of this page for more details.

Did You Know?

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Laptop & iPad Policy

HGTC Laptop/iPad Agreement and Procedure

From this point forward, Laptops/iPads will be referred to as “items.”

1. Item check out is for 3-day period, no renewal.

2. Do not leave items unattended or have food or drink near the item. You are responsible for the item including financial repayment for loss or damages.

3. If items and accessories are not returned at the end of the 3-day period you will be charged a late fee of $10.00/day.  Part of a day will be assessed as a full day. One day overdue is viewed as theft of college property and pursued under those conditions.  Permanent suspension of laptop/iPad/NOOK checkout privilege will occur due to the following:  Repeat overdue offenses, equipment turned in with damages, or the creation/mailing of a certified letter due to excessive lateness.

4. Do not tamper with existing hardware or software.

5. Items must be checked out and returned at least 30 minutes before close of the library to the circulation desk from which original loan was made.  Do not place items in the bookdrop!

6. Items may only be returned by the borrower.  Borrower must remain at the circulation desk while equipment check is performed both before the loan and when the item is returned.  This may take 15 minutes.

7. Private information should never be saved to the item hard drive as security is not guaranteed.

8. You must follow HGTC policies regarding use relating to the computer network.  Items are to be used for academic purposes only. Failure to comply with item policies and computer use policies will result in being barred from future use. 

I accept full responsibility for the items and accessories I borrowed and agree to the stated conditions of use.  I agree that this item was in working order and will reimburse HGTC Library for the cost of replacing this item and/or any accessories if they are damaged, lost, or stolen while checked out in my name.  I understand that replacement costs are as follows:

Laptop:  $1,500.00            Laptop power cord:  $65.00         iPad:  $750.00

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