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NOOKs: NOOK Lending

Basic Information

What is a NOOK?

A NOOK is an electronic reading device. Books are downloaded onto it and users can read the books on the NOOK. Unlike a paper book, a NOOK can hold hundreds of books in a small space.

How is a NOOK different from a computer?

A NOOK is portable and lightweight, and is primarily designed for reading. Additionally, unlike a computer, a NOOK screen is not backlit.

What does backlit mean?

Backlit means that the screen has an internal light. An iPod and a computer screen are backlit. NOOKs use e-ink, which imitate a paper book's appearance. This also means you can read in direct sunlight without glare on the screen.

What types of NOOKs are available for check out?

There are three types of NOOKs available for check out: NOOK, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablet.

What are the differences between the NOOK, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablet?

The NOOK has a black-and-white e-ink screen, is not backlit, and only access the internet for the purpose of downloading books. A NOOK Color has a regular, backlit color computer screen, allows internet browsing. A NOOK Tablet has a regular, backlit color computer screen, allows internet browsing, and offers a selection of apps. NOOK Tablets function very much like iPads.

Who can check them out?

Current students, faculty, and staff of the Horry-Georgetown Technical College can check out a NOOK.

How long can I check one out?

The NOOK can be checked out for three weeks and is not eligible for renewal. 

Where do I return the NOOK?

You must return the NOOK to a library staff member at the circulation desk. It cannot be put in the book drop box.

What books are on the NOOKs?

Each NOOK comes with a set of pre-loaded books. Click here to view a complete list of books already available on HGTC's NOOKs.

To access the complete list on the NOOK itself, press the "Quick Nav" button on the NOOK or the "Home" button on the NOOK Color.

Can I add books?

You may request titles to be added using the Request a NOOK title form located on the home page of this LibGuide. The cost of the title may not exceed twenty dollars. Requested titles will be added at the discretion of the Library Dean.

NOOK Policy

Only current Horry-Georgetown Technical College faculty, staff, and students may check out NOOKs, NOOK Colors, and NOOK Tablets.

  • NOOKs circulate for three weeks and may not be renewed.
  • All students must present a student ID and a valid driver’s license (or government issued ID along with proof of local residency) when checking out a laptop.  You will also be asked to login to WaveNet to show your current class schedule.
  • You may request a title to be loaded onto a NOOK using the form on the Home tab of this LibGuide.
  • New titles are not loaded on NOOKs at the Circulation Desk.
  • Return the NOOK to the Circulation Desk where you checked it out.  Do not place NOOKs in the drop box outside the library.  All accessories (power cord and case) must be returned with the NOOK.
  • Do not pile other books or materials on the NOOK. This may damage the screen.
  • Downloading to the NOOK is not permitted.  You are responsible for any personal or financial information left on the NOOK.
  • Late fees are $10.00 per day. There is no grace period.
  • You are responsible for any damage done to the NOOK while it is checked-out to you. 
  • You will be charged the replacement fee if a NOOK is reported lost or stolen while checked out to your account.  Lost charges will be based on the cost of the NOOK.

Replacement fees:

  • NOOK Black & White - $100
  • NOOK Color - $175
  • NOOK Tablet - $200
  • NOOK power adapter - $34
  • NOOK USB cable - $30
  • NOOK case - $45

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